Little Busters Anime New Information

Little Busters!

Several new pieces of information have been revealed since the announcement of the planned production of Little Busters! anime adaptation. First, Little Busters! will be produced by studio J.C.Staff, which hasn’t been very well received by fans of the visual novel, because in recent years, J.C.Staff has made adaptations of light and visual novels that were slashed by the audience. To add more fuel to the fire, the role of the director has been given to Yamakawa Yoshiki, who doesn’t have any masterpiece on his record as he has directed only Hatsukoi Limited and Kill Me Baby so far.

Seiyuus from the visual novel will reprise their roles in the anime. The only exception is the main character, Naoe Riki, whose lines in the visual novel aren’t voiced save for mini-games, in which he’s voiced by Tamiyasu Tomoe, the seiyuu of another character, Natsume Rin.

Natsume Rin Tamiyasu Tomoe
Natsume Kyousuke Midorikawa Hikaru
Inohara Masato Canna Nobutoshi
Miyazawa Kengo Oda Yuusei
Noumi Kudryavka Wakabayashi Naomi
Kamikita Komari Yanase Natsumi
Saigusa Haruka Suzuki Keiko
Kurugaya Yuiko Tanaka Ryouko
Nishizono Mio Kawaragi Shiho

The opening theme from the visual novel “Little Busters!” by Rita will be used in the anime too. So will be one of the ending theme songs, “Alicemagic”, performed likewise by Rita.

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