Shaft to Adapt Whole Monogatari Series

Nisio Isin Newsletter

Nisio Isin has announced in his newsletter that the animation studio SHAFT will be making anime adaptations for all of the stories from his Monogatari light novel series. That is a great amount of work, because Monogatari Series consists of 12 books so far and more are to come out this year. Just for your information, both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari comprise 2 books each and they both were turned into a one-cour anime.

The list of Monogatari Series books:

Bakemonogatari First Half (化物語(上))
Bakemonogatari Second Half (化物語(下))
Kizumonogatari (傷物語)
Nisemonogatari (偽物語(上))
Nisemonogatari (偽物語(下))
Nekomonogatari Black (猫物 黒)
Nekomonogatari White (猫物語 白)
Kabukimonogatari (傾物語)
Hanamonogatari (花物語)
Otorimonogatari (囮物語)
Onimonogatari (鬼物語)
Koimonogatari (恋物語)
Tsukimonogatari (憑物語) (to be released)
Owarimonogatari (終物語) (to be released)
Zoku Owarimonogatari (続終物語) (to be released)

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