Taketatsu Ayana Image BD/DVD Promotional Video

Taketatsu Ayana

Popular seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana will release an image BD/DVD titled “Ayachi Tokyo → Minami Shima”. The video will follow Ayachi in many situations. A part of the video has been shot in Guam. It was Ayachi’s first time going overseas and also her first time going to the beach, which is quite surprising. The rest of the video has been shot in Japan and portrays Ayachi in various ways. You can see her for example wearing a school uniform, being got down by an illness, and more and more.

The promotional video for Ayachi’s image BD/DVD has been streamed on the official Taketatsu Ayana account on Youtube. You can taste some of the glorious scenes from it and fall victim to Ayachi’s gaze and smile.

If you have been mesmerized by the PV, you can preorder Ayachi Tokyo → Minami Shima on CDJapan. BD
version, DVD version.