Top 10 Male Seiyuu Poll Result on AnimeOne

Kamiya Hiroshi

A male seiyuu popularity poll has been conducted on AnimeOne, a big Japanese anime polls website. The total number of votes exceeded 15,000, which is an unusually high number in comparison to other polls. Not much surprisingly, Kamiya Hiroshi has ranked on the top with a total of 868 votes, but the vote difference between the first and the fifth place is less than 200 votes. However, what might be surprising is that Kimura Ryouhei, Shimono Hiro, and Kaji Yuuki who did well in another recent poll haven’t made it into the top 10. It seems that the base of voters was a bit different this time.

1 Kamiya Hiroshi 868
2 Nakai Kazuya 795
3 Miyano Mamoru 759
4 Ono Daisuke 746
5 Sugita Tomokazu 868
6 Fukuyama Jun 646
7 Nakamura Yuuichi 589
8 Okamoto Nobuhiko 580
9 Ishida Akira 571
10 Suwabe Junichi 490

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