Visual Scene eMagazine News

Presenting news from a friend site/magazine Visual Scene. They have just released a new issue of their eMagazine. Check out their site.

Visual Scene – Issue 2
Your favorite eBook J-magazine is back with even better material and breathtaking artwork. After all, the idea for the title was borrowed from the visual kei music genre and the original artwork of the magazine is supposed to cover all topics related to Japanese pop culture, just as visual kei artists did not limit themselves to one music style and kept on experimenting with their looks… Inside, you will traditionally find reviews of anime, visual novels, music albums and sometimes strange, sometimes crazy, taboo-breaking J-movies.
For those who like to read there are the first chapters of original, richly illustrated light novel series – *Cultured [Only Cold Heart Beating] * and *Yakuza Ties: Spring*, where kidnappings, car chases and crossdressing ensue as usual! In addition, the debut of a four-panel manga series *Namaeketten – the Nameless*.
The central point of our interest is occupied by stories which combine the worlds of magic and technical innovations. However, remember that “Visual Scene” is primarily the eBook J-magazine for you and about you… so be prepared for plenty of interviews with talented artists from deviantART…
Especially for men we introduced *Meet Your J-Playmates* – with ecchi sessions and interviews with hot anime girl characters. Still not convinced? Download the free sample – it is one third of the material for free. All in the most convenient format – individual pages, systematically added on our profile at deviantART, or via our website , or popular hosting website Mediafire
And there is a lot to read. Among other things the issue includes: a struggle with destiny in Broken Blade, more and less perverted characters from Toaru Majutsu no Index and an interview with a visual kei band Orochi. We will take a closer look at Nintendo’s classic, The Legend of Zelda Series over the years and get into a dark, steampunk world of *Sekien no Inganock *-What a Beautiful People-. We will also consider how the sci-fi and fantasy differ in anime and whether the magic in the anime has been lost.
Do not forget about our newly launched forum and website – where you can find duels of UTAUs and VOCALOIDs, the best anime channels on YouTube and a lot of competitions! Check out our writing contest in the world of fantasy and the one for ecchi cartoonists! Remember that each day we add new, cool materials. Do not let updates to you pass you by… and obligatorily visit our profile on Facebook ;)

You can see some samples from the magazine below.