Gotou Yuuko on Hiatus Due to Poor Health Condition

Gotou Yuuko

The agency Axl One has announced that seiyuu Gotou Yuuko goes on hiatus due to her poor health condition. Gotou herself has stated on her blog that she suffers from an autoimmune disorder, whose name she hasn’t specified, and that she had similar health problems when she was in middle school. Back then, she was told by her doctor that she wouldn’t be able to attend high school like any other student, but in the end she managed to overcome her disease and live a normal life. This time, her heart, lungs, and circulatory system have been affected; however, even though it is a serious illness, her condition is not that grave according to her doctor.

It’s not clear how long she will stay in the hospital, but it will be at least 2 and half months.

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Source : Otasuke