Kugimiya Rie 1st Album Promotional Videos

Kugimiya Rie - kokohadoko

Three promotional videos for Kugimiya Rie’s upcoming 1st album have been streamed. Kugimiya Rie has performed many character songs, but this is her debut release credited to her own name instead of a character’s name. Several artists, including eufonius, have contributed to the album. The title of the album is ‘kokohadoko’, written in latin alphabet, meaning ‘What is this place?’, ‘Where am I?’ or something along these lines.

The album contains 6 songs in total. Both the regular edition and the limited edition come with a DVD with three music videos; however, the limited edition DVD has a bonus track with a making-of video.

These three songs didn’t betray my expectations and bring out the full potential of Kugyuu’s serene voice. I like the first one in particular. Now, let’s wait and see what the other three songs are like.

Kokohadoko is going to be released on June 20. Both editions of the album are available on CDJapan. Regular edition (2857 yen). Limited edition (3143 yen).

Source : Otasuke