Taketatsu Ayana Image Video “Ayachi ~Tokyo→Minami no Shima~” #5 on Oricon

Taketatsu Ayana

Recently released Taketatsu Ayana Image Video has ranked #5 on the release date on Oricon BD chart. The following day, it even climbed to #3. Not surprisingly, it didn’t do that well in DVD category, because everyone wants to see Ayachi in as high a definition as possible.

The one-hour long video contains footage from Guam, where photoshoots for Ayachi’s photobook took place, and studios in Japan. Ayachi in swimsuit, Ayachi in school uniform, Ayachi in a soldier uniform and many more valuable scenes are included in it.

Ayachi ~Tokyo→Minami no Shima~ BD can be ordered on CDJapan for 4667 yen. DVD version here.

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