Ogura Yui Debut Single PV

Ogura Yui - Raise

After several releases as a member of YuiKaori, RO-KYU-BU, and StylipS, Ogura Yui is getting her solo debut. A 90-second long preview of the music video of her debut single Raise has been streamed on YuiKaori’s official site.

Yui-chan in the PV is not the usual sugary sweet Yui-chan we all know so well. She appears wearing very adult-like dresses and the PV looks more like a PV that you would expect from Mizuki Nana. However, I find this new Yui-chan quite enchanting and I’m curious whether this is only a one-time occurrence or if Yui-chan will have a mature image in her solo career. The latter might indicate producers’ determination to try to make Yui-chan more of a mainstream singer such as Nana is. Time will answer this question and we can do nothing but wait and support her in her career.