Top 10 seiyuu you would like to have as a classmate

Hikasa Youko

There was an interesting poll on Anime One that asked people what female seiyuu they would like to have as a classmate. Hikasa Youko has ended up on the first place with almost 50% more than Taketatsu Ayana who ranked #2. Iguchi Yuka claimed the third rank beating her good friend Asumi Kana by one vote.

If I were to choose on of the top 10 as my classmate, I think I would go with Yuuki Aoi or Taketatsu Ayana. They are both cute and both of them are very fond of anime and games. Ayachi is one of the girls who like galge, which would make her a great partner for talking. Ao-chan is quite an enigmatic fujoshi who is crazy when she gets into high spirits. Sometimes I’d like to peek inside her head to see what’s going on inside.

The third alternative would be Iguchi Yuka. Yukachi is extremely funny and her Iguchi Yuka no Muuun radio show is an infallible mood lifter. What’s more, she’s cute too and her attempts at acting feminine and sexy are usually lead into great laughter.

# Name Votes
1 Hikasa Youko 171
2 Taketatsu Ayana 128
3 Iguchi Yuka 123
4 Asumi Kana 122
5 Mizuki Nana 116
6 Yuuki Aoi 110
7 Kayano Ai 100
8 Itou Kanae 85
9 Kanemoto Hisako 75
10 Nomizu Iori 59

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