Kitamura Eri’s first album covers revealed

Kitamura Eri - RE;STORY Limited Edition

Kitamura Eri - RE;STORY Regular Edition

Kitamura Eri is going to release her first album on July 25 and its covers for both the regular and the limited edition have been revealed. The regular edition features Kitaeri in a black outfit, while the limited edition offers Kitaeri in a pure white dress.

The album is supposed to include 4 songs from previously released singles, Happy Girl, Be Starters!, Shirushi, Be a Diamond!, and 9 new songs, adding up to 13 songs in total. The limited edition comes with a photobooklet and it comes in a digipak case instead of the regular one.

Both the limited and the regular edition are available on CDJapan. They still list the first press editions which come with an A4 photo as an external bonus.

Kitamura Eri’s singles have been selling quite well so far, therefore the same could be expected from the upcoming album. By the way, Kitaeri is also going to be performing at Animelo Summer Live this August.

Source : Seiyufan