Resurrection? The Rising of the Dead, Preface

If anyone reads this, you might have noticed that this site has silently died. The cause of that was that I wasn’t able to write new posts as frequently as I used to due to time restrictions and I decided to switch to WordPress but didn’t really find the time necessary to change the design of the site so that it doesn’t look like the very template of the used theme. I decided I would start writing again once I do something about the design, which led to the conclusion that I never started writing new posts again. I would like to apologize for letting the site die without any notice or announcement of hiatus or closure.

Anyway, you might wonder why I’m writing a post now. The reason is simple. I’m not going to revive the site to its old concept, but I’d like to have a space to share some thoughts, make a review or post some report every now and then. The design is still untouched and it probably won’t change much. I don’t know. Probably not. I’ll keep the ‘under maintanance’ sing under the title for some more time.

That’s it for today. If anything appears on this site henceforth, it’s likely to be seiyuu related, just so that you know what to expect.