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About Us

Who we are

AnimeRaku is a group of product experts who undertake the labor-intensive testing so you don't have to. When we claim something is worthwhile for your money, we want to be able to support that claim with sound science.
To reach a larger audience, we made the decision to review a wide range of products from several categories rather than focusing only on a few.

We review a wide range of products, both those we now use and those we might be interesting in purchasing.
Additionally, we offer price comparison services from well-known merchants like Amazon, as well as an educational blog with useful posts about the items we examine, advice for healthy living, and purchasing information.

Our Mission

Our objective is to help you appreciate what you already have and spend your money wisely. Regardless of your budget, we'll have wise counsel for you and show you how to maximize the items you already own.

We believe that thorough, unbiased, hands-on testing is the best way to judge a product's quality. We support transparency in the scientific method, just like any decent scientist should. They will always be aware of how we arrived at our recommendations, even though not everyone will always agree with them (we're looking at you, worldwide businesses). And we're happy to share the information we've learned with others.

Our culture

We value knowledge and the value of science. We have strong opinions about items, but those opinions are backed up with good ol', roll up your sleeves research. We occasionally get wet, occasionally get muddy, and occasionally we have to eat a lot of food (for science!). Above all, we desire to be conscious of our knowledge in order to impart it to others.