Watch Anime Ah! My Goddess OVA

Ah! My Goddess OVA

Ah! My Goddess OVA
Type : TV Series
Genre : Comedy Magic Romance Supernatural
Released : 1993
Status : Completed
Plot Summary: Morisato Keiichi is a down on his luck college student. Although possessing a diligent and generous nature, he had the misfortune of being born under an unlucky star. As a result, the current state of his life is somewhat unenviable. All that is about to change, however, as Heaven has taken notice of his plight. A goddess, Belldandy, is despatched to Earth to grant Keiichi one wish. One wish, be it unlimited power, wealth, or his fondest desire. And his wish? ‘I wish that a goddess like you will stay with me forever.’

List Episodes

  • 0-3